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The America Arts Film & Television Academy (AAFTA) is dedicated to educate, guide and develop emerging talent across the Arts and Film and Television Industry in the USA. With strong support on business, networking and productivity we provide Actors, Writers, Directors and Performing Artists the opportunity to develop skills to aide them in a professional working career in the USA and around the world.

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After the huge success of AAFTA’s Teen LA Experience we are now offering our Youth’s a chance to shine!

Due to the high demand from Australian agents and managers we have created our 'Young Actors Experience’.

This program is aimed at youth actors aged 8-12 who want to get a massive head start in their careers by understanding what it actually takes to make it in Hollywood.

Running over 3 weeks, your kids will

undergo intense training to learn about being a working actor. Classes led by seasoned working professionals including; actors, coaches, casting directors and industry representatives. 

We focus on developing skills including Acting Techniques, Audition Technique, Understanding the Business of Acting, Obtaining US Representation, US Visa's & Immigration, Standard US dialect and more. Parents also receive an educational seminar about the importance of managing their children as up and coming International Youth Talent. What's involved for them moving forward? How to handle this crazy hustle of Hollywood.

Artists be prepared to work hard, learn more and grow as a young creative more than you ever have before. Let us not forget to enjoy the incredible vibrant city of Los Angeles and life in Hollywood, and the journey to this exciting destination. 


Course Details

Over three weeks you will undergo intense training with classes at times running between 9am-9pm 4 days a week led by seasoned working professionals including actors, coaches, casting directors and industry representatives. You will focus on developing specific skills including audition technique, understanding the business of acting, obtaining US representation, working visa’s and most importantly – the US dialect. 


  • Please submit a US Self Tape Audition (No more than 2 mins in US Accent)
  • Please accompany with Headshot, Resume, Pro-Reel and/or agent referral
  • Applications will be sent via DocuSign. Please complete and send back to us with the above to be eligible for acceptance.


  • Acting Techniques
  • On Camera classes with a range of coaches. All professional industry members
  • Improvisation
  • Primetime TV, Soap Opera, Sitcom (Multi-cam vs single-cam), Acting in Film & more
  • Audition Technique
  • US Accent and Dialect
  • Fitzmaurice Voice-work Technique
  • Alexander Technique
  • Scene Study/Classical Training
  • Speciality Masterclasses
  • Meisner Technique

Business of Acting Seminars include: 

  • Casting Director Intensives
  • Industry Seminars
  • The Writers Lab
  • Production Processes & Pitching
  • Self Tapes
  • Pilot Season (Do’s & Don’ts)
  • Screen Actors Guild *SAG
  • Self Promotion and Marketing
  • Management and Talent Agent Representation
  • Resumes (US layouts)
  • Headshots (Optional + several people recommended *Additional Cost)
  • Visa’s and Immigration
  • TSMA Social Media Marketing (
  • Annie Grindlay Masterclass (
  • Margie Haber Masterclass (
  • Online Casting Processess
  • US Pro Reels with Young One Studio & RYDEentertainment
    (Optional *Additional Cost) (

Additional Extras:

  • Australians In Film Memberships & Events
  • Hollywood Studio Tours
  • Live Studio Taping
  • Q&A Panels
  • Business Development for actors
  • Studio Tours

Please note: 

  • Students can travel solo and be connected with another student or full time chaperone. We have a new “Student Guardian Program” which will assign actors who wish to come to LA with care taking responsibilities. We have three candidates currently being approved and we can refer our young actors to them. Guardians will be responsible for the Youth whilst here in LA.
  • Website is currently up and running
  • AAFTA always strives to bring our students the best however, due to the high demand of some of the teaches mentioned about we cannot always guarantee their availability until closer to the commencement of each individual program.  



(Please register your interest on our 'contact' page and we will notify you once our new dates are confirmed)

Young Actors Experience (Age 8-12)

(Applications are still open for 2020-2021)


$2750.00 USD

(Chaperone & transport costs additional)

*$750.00 Deposit and payment plans are available. 

PAY BY JUNE $500.00 and receive our 'Empowering The Artist Program' Free. 


(To be advised upon acceptance)

For further information or questions please contact course director; 

Robbie Ryde at- 

Or head to our Frequently Asked Questions Page 

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