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YoungOneStudio is a professional, boutique studio based in Los Angeles, California. We provide creatives with a service that is run by artists for artists. 

We trained at music conservatories, colleges for film & tv as well as performance and acting. We studied and worked with the best, we understand your motives, the drive to your creativity and the way you work. This allows our studio to offer a varied number of professional services. 

YOStudio offers makers and performers a professional product at affordable rates without sacrificing quality. 


UP(st)ART is a shared space where artists, actors, musicians, DJs, models, comedians, writers, directors and dancers live, play, collaborate, and create together. Live month to month with other creatives. Focus on your art, not waiting tables in order to cover rent on a $1,500 studio apartment that will trap you in a 12-month lease. After all, you may book a role in New York next month! 

Our low monthly cost includes access to all facilities (WiFi, office spaces, recording studios, musical instruments, hot tub, sauna, big screen TVs, HBO, etc.), admittance to all our activities (family dinners, workshops, guest speakers), and a bunk bed or pod bed in one of our guest rooms. 


At TSMA, we lead the industry in consulting and managing a social media presence, building expertly crafted brands on key platforms, gaining large followings with high engagement, and creating influencers or influential businesses.

We utilize social media platform algorithms and strategies alongside quality content to connect with real, engaging long-term followers. We organically build a large fan base to support you or your company's goals.

TSMA stands for The Social Media Advantage; a nationally recognized and publicized social media consulting, management and strategy firm. Our Headquarters is in sunny Los Angeles.


Stephanie Girard is a Los Angeles based photographer specializing in high-end celebrity portraiture, corporate, fashion, and advertising photography. As one of L.A.'s most sought after photographers, she has photographed individuals from many walks of life, including Hollywood’s newest as well as more recognizable faces, and the corporate elite and has traveled worldwide, shooting in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Brazil.

Stephanie's work has been featured in numerous publications including Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Confidential, Forbes, Beverly Hills Lifestyle, Snow Magazine, 25A, En Boga, En Sociedad (cover), Backstage Magazine, Social Life Magazine, and she has exhibited multiple times in Smashbox Studio's Photography exhibition. She recently had the opportunity to photograph New York Fashion week SS17. Most recently KCRW featured a piece about Stephanie and her studio on “The Business,” with Saul Gonzales. 

Her work can be seen at www.stephgirardphoto.com


Learn how to personally strengthen your experience in your creative field(s) of specialization in the most efficient and effective way in order to be ready to apply for your O-1B visa ASAP. 

Our team is highly experienced with assisting artists of all backgrounds with steering their careers towards the US. Learn how to source talent representation, build the credits that matter most, and more.

Carefully navigate the US market to source the right US immigration law firm for YOU

Rapidly steer your career towards the US as per the intricate requirements of the US visa most relevant to YOU

Let our experienced business managers guide you through your US goals and help YOU to adapt in to the US market.

Whether pursuing an E3 visa (Australians only) or an H1B visa (other Nationals), learn how to best navigate the US recruitment market, and approach companies about those advertised employment opportunities that suit your specialized experience. 


Actors, Writers, Directors and Producers!

Being in the entertainment industry is one of the most fulfilling careers there is but how does one actually embark on this journey without diving head first into university or costly programs.

Coming from an Acting background we know how confusing it can be to start out in this industry; training, show reels, headshots and agents. It can all be extremely daunting and unfortunately extremely expensive.

Artists spent thousands on head shots and show reels and days on research trying to find where I belong in this industry.

RYDEentertainment started to provide a nurturing, reliable and most importantly affordable environment for artist to start or continue to grow their careers.

At RYDEentertainment our aim is to help you navigate your journey by giving you an affordable start into Creating content.